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Last updated 06/04/01

CAC News

04/28/01 – CAC NADAC Trial (pics, courses, and qualifiers here)
03/26/01 – CAC participates in 1Q 2001 IAL(results here)
11/20/00 – CAC participates in 4Q 2000 IAL(results here)
10/15/00 – Sheila Booth’s Vino gets his ADCH at LIA Trial. CAC now has 2 ADCH dogs – Vino and Anne Smith’s Sid.
10/9/00 – Club Seminar held with Jean MacKenzie and Beth Gutteridge
10/7/00-10/8/00 – USDAA Trial held at Putnam Park, Carmel, NY
8/28/00 – CAC teams finish 4th and 16th in 3Q 2000 IAL Competition (results here)
6/4/00 – Jackie Pariseault (CAC President 2000) qualifies for USDAA Grand Prix (see her photo)
Spring 2000 – George Bennett is interviewed by USDAA magazine and our logo is on the cover.